Bacon, Eggs & Custom Storage

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I was having my cup of coffee with a plate of bacon & eggs this morning when I read something in Psychology Today. No – I’m not a regular reader. I accidentally bumped into it on my way to an article about building shelters in the wild. The article said that making your bed in the morning makes you happier and more successful.

I ate another piece of bacon and thought about that. My wife makes the bed in the morning and that makes me very happy. Don’t get me wrong, I can do an Army corner you could bounce a nickel off of. And I occasionally make the bed – like if my wife is not feeling well. That makes her happy with me, which also makes me very happy.

Bacon, Eggs & Custom Storage

What makes me really happy like eating bacon is having a organized garage. Call it a Man Cave if you want – but it’s more like a rugged Cathedral with peg boards instead of stained glass. Garages are those holy places where tools are organized, toys are stored and table saws rip wood like butter. You can bring bacon and coffee to your garage and actually smell fresh sawdust.

My custom garage storage solutions make it all possible. I have two garage storage lofts with Douglas Fir decking that make my tents, fishing poles and other outdoor gear feel right at home. Underneath the lofts there’s plenty of room to walk and organize other tools. They can hold up to 1000 lbs. and more – and they’re built solid. Elevated garage storage that’s out of the way and sturdy – that’s what I call the best of both worlds.

If making your bed makes you happier and more successful, just imagine how happy and successful you’ll be when you gain extra storage space you never knew you had.

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