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Storage Ideas

These garage storage ideas will help you in deciding storage solutions that best fits your needs. Before deciding on a storage solution, first determine your storage needs. How much storage capacity do you need? Do you require a heavy duty storage solution which can support hundreds of pounds? Standard garage shelving may meet your needs depending on your storage capacity and weight restrictions. Do you anticipate your storage requirements growing in the near future? How much do you want to spend on a storage solution? One important factor to consider is what kind of items do you plan to store? Will your items all fit neatly into a storage container? Do you have items of irregular shapes and sizes to store? Do you have tall items that you would like to hang from your storage unit? Do you need a combination of heavy duty and light duty storage? So consider these questions and determine your specific storage requirements before deciding on your personal garage storage solution.

Storage Ideas – Conserve Floor Space

Your garage floor space is a premium, so why install expensive storage cabinets on your floor? You paid a premium price for your home and garage so protect your investment. Storage lofts will meet your heavy duty storage requirements without consuming your valuable floor space or your wallet.

Storage Ideas – Why Rent?

Why rent storage space when you can own your own. When you rent anything long term, its money down the drain. In todays economy it doesn’t make sense to rent when you can own. The storage capacity of our garage storage loft is similar to a small rental storage unit. Conserve on fuel. Driving to your storage unit, loading and unloading your vehicle is time consuming and labor intensive. With your own storage loft, all your belongings are at your finger tips.

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Garage Storage Ideas - Storage Solutions


Heavy duty harware and premium Douglas Fir lumber are used in the construction process. Our garage storage lofts can support 1000 pounds per 10 feet of length. Our storage lofts can be constructed with a cantilever design allowing you to drive underneath your loft  when you park. Our lofts are the best in quality and strength and we guarantee it.

Storage Ideas – Be Thrifty

Why waste thousands of dollars for expensive cabinets and fancy looking shelves. They are more expensive that your kitchen cabinets and have limited utility. Have you tried to store miscellaneous items of various sizes in a cabinet? Its hard to do, and most of the cabinet space is not utilized. Standard shelving will limit your capacity and weight.  Consider a storage lofts for heavy duty applications.

Storage Ideas – Utility Galore

With a storage loft you can store a wide variety of bulky items together. You can hang various items from your loft like brooms, rakes, clamps, and a whole variety of other tools. Be creative with a hammer and some nails and customize your loft to meet your garage storage lifestyle.

Storage Ideas – Added Value

A storage lofts will add value to your home if and when you decide to sell. These lofts are a great selling point to a home buyer who has a demanding storage requirement.


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