Garage Storage Lofts are custom crafted in the U.S.A. by a bacon-loving American.

Lifetime Warrantee
Our Garage Storage Lofts will last the lifetime of your home as long as:
1. You don’t exceed the weight capacity and safety guidelines (see below)
2. Your home wasn’t built by an old Soviet Union bloc country currently exporting cheap crap
3. God doesn’t slap you upside the head with a natural disaster

Our Garage Storage Lofts can hold 100 pounds per 1 foot of horizontal deck length. This applies to all storage lofts. For example the 10 loft can support 1000 pounds, the 12 foot loft can support 1200 pounds and so on. Lofts can be built to any length from 10 to 20 feet.
Do not exceed this weight limit. Don’t forget to include your own body weight if you’ll be on your Loft.

All gear should be safely stowed on the Deck Floor of your Garage Storage Loft – not hanging over the edge.

Gravity is a Powerful Force
Our Garage Storage Lofts are designed to safely store your gear – your body is your own business. Be careful and don’t fall off your loft. Safety is our priority.